Attention All Hawthorn Glen/Farms Homeowners

Every homeowner will receive this notice!

It’s time to get our community on track and it starts with everyone. Please pay attention to and address any of the following actions that apply to your home. This notice serves as a 1st warning to some homeowners and a final warning to many other homeowners that are currently in violation of any codes listed herein, in accordance to our HOA covenant. We’re starting with the violations that have been most talked about and require urgent attention. Fines up to $100 and subsequent $25/day fines will be applied for noncompliance!!! Let’s bring the luster back to our community!!

PARKING (Article 7.5 – All vehicles shall be parked only in appropriate parking areas serving the Lot or other designated areas, if any…): Remove all non-working and/or extra vehicles from the street immediately. Each home was built with parking space for 3 or 4 vehicles. Use your garage and driveway to park your vehicles. Limited storage is understood but cannot be used as an excuse. Please clean out your garage and/or find offsite storage units, if required. The streets cannot be used to park vehicles in excess of what is allowed for each homeowner’s Lot. Our streets are overcrowded with parked vehicles that are causing hazards (restricted traffic flow, blocking and/or limiting access to and from driveways, limited sight distance causing kids to almost be hit, vehicle damage due to accidents (potential and reported), etc.). We continue to receive complaints from the school bus system and warnings from Snellville Code Enforcement about parked vehicles restricting traffic flow. Visitor parking is allowed as a temporary and limited condition. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense

HOME MAINTENANCE (Article 5.2 – All maintenance of the Lot and all structures, landscaping, and other improvements thereon shall be the sole responsibility of the Owner thereof…). Simply put, every part of your Lot must be kept in good repair.

  • Houses and sheds must be cleaned of mold/mildew (applicable to those with vinyl siding and trim)
    • Annual or as needed pressure washing is recommended
    • Metal sheds are a violation. Sheds must be approved by the board prior to construction.
  • Houses, sheds, trim, shudders, and doors must be painted (original color only), where chipping and fading has occurred. Missing shudders must be replaced!!
  • Driveways must be cleaned of stains and in good repair
    • Annual or as needed pressure washing is recommended
    • Seal and/or repair cracks to driveways
    • We’re asking residents to pressure wash the sidewalks outside your home to add to the cleanliness of your Lot and our community
  • Fences must be clean and in good repair
    • Fix broken or missing pickets
    • Pressure wash (if applicable)
    • Reapply stain or paint w/ sealant periodically to preserve the fence
  • Mailboxes must be in good repair (paint or replace, using original style if possible)
    • Mailboxes must be black and free of stickers or any other designs
    • Seek board approval only if replacement is necessary and the original style is unavailable to ensure you remain in compliance with the HOA covenant.
  • Yards/Lawns must be kept alive – All Lots received >Bermuda Sod in the front and part of the sides of the home. This must be maintained and/or replaced if damage has occurred (no exceptions).
    • Free of weeds (periodic application of weed and feed solutions will help in this area)
    • Mowing must occur on a regular base
    • Shrubs and trees must be pruned on a regular base
    • Trim all branches of trees that hang over the sidewalks to a clearance of 8 ft or higher
    • Watering the lawn/landscaping is recommended to preserve the life of the area
    • Recommend pruning the lower branches of trees in the front yards to allow more sunlight on the lawns. This has worked for other homeowners to help keep the grass alive.