Welcome to our Community!

The Hawthorn Glen Homeowners Association, otherwise known as Hawthorn Glen HOA, Inc. is comprised of Hawthorn Glen and Hawthorn Farms Sub-divisions. The Hawthorn Glen HOA, Inc. Board of Directors has established this website to provide the residents of Hawthorn Glen and Hawthorn Farms Sub-divisions with information about their community.

The website is also intended to provide homeowners with an easy way to communicate concerns, problems and ideas to the Board of Directors. Visitors, potential and future homeowners at these two sub-divisions are also able to get prior information here before they deep dive into home ownership efforts.

We encourage all real estate agents (sellers and buyers' agents) and closing attorney, to visit this website for correct and latest information about our community so they can properly inform their clients about our rules and regulations. Here you will find the HOA Covenant, HOA Bylaws, and other useful community information especially for new homeowners. You can contact your HOA board members for other information.

As part of the HOA's effort to maintain a unified community, and also in addition to being handed the HOA Bylaw and Covenant at closing; it is now mandatory that every new home buyer at Hawthorn Glen and Hawthorn Farms signs a "CCR&E Conveyance Notice" at closing in addition to other documents necessary. So, we encourage all listing and buying agents to make sure that their clients sign a copy of this notice at closing. Otherwise, the HOA will deem the sale transaction illegal.

Closing attorney MUST contact the HOA for a closing letter before every closing. Otherwise, all balances owed on a property sold when closing information was only furnished by the seller will be the responsibility of the buyer. Hawthorn Glen Homeowners Association, Inc. being a POA (Property Owner Association) member is protected for recovery of such balances from the buyer.

We implore all buyers to note that both Hawthorn Glen and Hawthorn Farms sub-dividions have reached the maximum capacity of allowed renters. We encourage buyers and agents to continue to check the renter waiting list with the Board. Investors whose sole purpose of purchasing here is leasing and rental are no longer able to do so. Please note that failure to recognize this piece of information will lead to serious issues up to the extent of losing your total investment.

Hawthorn Glen and Hawthorn Farms Sub-divisions are a Homeowners' Association communities, all real estate agents and closing attorney are obligated to properly disclose this piece of information to you a as a buyer, they know to also discuss and hand you copies of our Bylaws and Covenants prior to purchasing. The Hawthorn Glen HOA. Inc., enforces all the rules and regulations in the Bylaws and Covenants. You have enough time to review these rules and regulations and decide if our community is where you want to be. Once you purchase a property here, you are under the obligations of the HOA Covenants and Bylaws and you are to obey them.

Neighborhood News

HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Association Dues

The 2020 HOA Assessment is now due. Late fees will apply after March 31, 2020. All accounts delinquent on 2020 dues will be added to prior years in collection starting from April 30, 2020. Dues can be paid via PayPal or via USPS.

Payment Link:


Hawthorn Glen HOA, Inc.

3350 Riverwood Pkwy SE, Suite 1900

Atlanta, GA 30339

Please remember to write your property address on your check so your account can be properly credited. Also, do not forget to put the Suite (#1900) on the envelop to avoid delayed delivery or loss of mail. It is important to Make All Checks Only Payable to Hawthorn Glen HOA. All checks made payable to any other names will not be cashed and will further cause delay in updating your account status.

Pool Hours of Operation

The swinning pool will open from May 25 to September 7, 2020 between 12.00 PM to 8.00 PM. It will be open seven day a week.

The HOA Board and Pool Attendants will not entertain any discussion regarding HOA Fee status with any renters. All renters MUST contact the HOA and Pool Attendants through their landlords for HOA Fee payment questions. If you are a renter and you are not being allowed to swim, please have your landlord communicate with the Management Team at 770-462-0637 or via directors@hawthornglen.com.

Again, we apologize for the decision but only homeowners can reconcile HOA account statuses.

Request HOA Financials

Homeowners who meet the criteria slated in the Covenents can request the HOA Financials via email. Please remember to include your correct mailing address. Ideally, this should be requested by writing but you can now accelerate this request via email by clicking on financials@hawthornglen.com

Important Notices

Only Homeowners whose dues are paid in full are eligible for entrance into the recreation area. If your dues are paid in full, please pickup your pool pass from the pool attendant between 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM any day of the week.

We are pleased to announce that the new security system; which allows eligible homeowners to access the pool and the tennis court with the same key card is now active.

Garbage Cans & Code Enforcement

As part of our efforts to enforce the HOA Covenants, GARBAGE CANS CAN ONLY BE IN FRONT OF ANY PROPERTY AT HAWTHORN GLEN AND HAWTHORN FARMS from 5:00 PM on Wednesdays to 7:00 PM on Thursdays. Outside this window, Garbage Cans are meant to be out of sight; on the sides of the house or in the garage.


Motorist Speed Limit in the neighborhood is 25 MPH

PLEASE watch your speed when driving in our neighborhood. We often have children playing and riding their bikes on the streets.


REMEMBER SAFETY COMES FIRST! Please report any safety concerns or any strange activities in the community to directors@hawthornglen.com