Repair/Replacement Suggestions

As we work together to improve our community, we thought we’d provide some solutions to help make doing so a little easier. Please use these as your guideline. Being part of an HOA means uniformity must be maintained within the community. This includes the mailboxes and lamp posts in every yard. For now, please keep the standard look and we can vote on making changes that may affect the entire community. Individual changes disrupt the uniformity that was intended for this community. Example: Upgrading the mailboxes to a new look throughout the community. We have to vote on that!! Some homeowners made changes without approval and that will be addressed.

Mailboxes – We found that mailboxes are now made to be mounted on posts versus the metal rods that the majority of homes currently have. If your current mailbox is beyond refurbishment/repair, use the suggestions below for replacement. Lowes had bracket replacements and boards available for those mailboxes that sit on posts

Lowes Black Iron Pipe – not absolutely sure of the dimensions of this pipe versus the rods currently supporting the mailboxes throughout the community. We looked at it and it is very close. Please make sure it will serve your purpose if you have to change the rod/post (will have to paint it with a rust resistant paint, it selected). Best or ideal solution is to sand and paint the current rod/post. There is a square post alternative below that will be approved, if needed.


Lowes Standard Mailbox (also at Home Depot for the same price):

Home Depot Mailbox Post: (also available at Lowe’s but costs more)

Lamp Posts – Best or ideal solution is to clean and paint the existing posts, using a black matte or flat rust resistant paint. Replacement alternative are below.

Lowes Lamp Post/Pole – (black end pieces can be painted gold to align with current design)

Home Depot Lamp Post/Pole –

Home Depot Replacement Cross Arm: