Buy Sell

We have put together all efforts to make buying or selling a home at Hawthorn Glen and Hawthorn Farms a very pleasant effort. We have a set of rules and regulations that are outlined in our Covenant and Bylaws. We urge all potential seller and buyers to review these rules and contact us should they have questions.

A closing letter is needed during a property (at Hawthorn Glen and Hawthorn Farms) sale. Closing letters are an integral part of your legal closing without which the Hawthorn Glen HOA, Inc., cannot sign off on a successful closing effort. We have experienced situations where real estate agents proceeded with closing without disclosing to a buyer the importance of obtaining a closing letter from the HOA. The outcome was not a pleasant experience for the new homeowner who ended up being stopped from moving into his new property. Buyers have in the past had to offset from their own pockets fees that should have been taken care off prior to closing just because their agents did not properly inform them of the process. While we cannot force real estate agents to do what is right, we encourage all buyers to do their due diligence and ask their agents all the questions in the area they find fuzzy in the process.

We encourage all potential buyers and sellers to ask their real estate agents all the questions they have about a closing letter before a buying or selling deal is ratified. A closing letter can only be obtain from the HOA Board of Directors. To obtain a closing letter or payment balance on a property for sale, please contact us at